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Why take courses with Dr. Sharon?

This is what God said.

When she tells you, you will forget. When she teaches you, you will be Informed. 

When she activates you, you will develop skill. When she encourages you, you will be confident.

When she Involve you, you will be Transformed. When she imparts to you, you will bring Powerful change.

Our Latest Course

God's Spiritual World War III

This powerful course will make you realize you've been weaponized to impact the nations! You will finish this course with a deep awareness that you're weaponized for victory not just fighting battles.

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Receiving Prophetic Revelation for Wealth

This course provides prophetic business strategies to break poverty mindsets, increase financial capacity, receive business blueprints, implement kingdom economics, and develop as an entrepreneur.

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Raising Prophetic Warriors 

This course readies prophets for spiritual victories through prophetic strategies, authority, and abilities to triumph and vanquish demonic forces in intense spiritual warfare.

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Developing the Prophetic Through Accessing the Spiritual Realms

This course advances the prophetic through new spiritual encounters, discerning time and space, angels, glory realms, and receiving divine mysteries.

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Prophets to the Nations

This course activates Prophets and Apostles to influence nations through divine revelation into spheres like business, government, politics, media, entertainment and religion to see God's kingdom come which are known as theseven mountains of culture or Influence. 

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Advancing in the Prophetic

This prophetic training activates greater revelation through intensive practice in prophecy, words of knowledge, and declaring truth for both novice and experienced prophets seeking breakthrough.

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Watchmen & Prophetic Intercessors

This intense course trains intercessors as watchmen to partner with angels, dismantle strongholds, and release revival through prophetic prayer.

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Seven Times More Revelation

You will learn biblical instruction based on Dr. Sharon Stone's prophetic experience and engage in prophetic activation concerning many areas.

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Decade Of Your Voice

You need this course if you want to be prepared for the next 10 years! We have entered into the decade of the mouth/ for your voice!

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Prophetic Counselling and Deliverance

This course develops prophetic skills to discern problems' roots, expose demonic activity, remove bondages, break curses, and bring breakthrough revelation and freedom through counseling and deliverance.

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